Five Olympic Events That Require Speed And Endurance

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The Olympic games are traditionally known for their superior athletes and their skills. Speed and endurance are two important factors in a large number of Olympic sports, and below are five events that require both elements for performance.

1. Running is the most obvious event that requires speed and endurance. Short distance running and sprints require quick speed, where long distance relays require endurance in order to complete the race.

2. Figure skating also requires both speed and endurance. Speed is needed to achieve height in various jumps and leaps, and endurance is required in order to complete long programs.Check out this link here.

3. Speed skating is another obvious choice that places an emphasis on speed and endurance. Similar to running, speed skaters need speed for short distance sprints and endurance for longer relays.

4. Soccer is also a high energy sport that requires speed and endurance. Soccer games tend to last longer than other sporting events, so endurance is a necessity. Speed is also an important element to be able to outperform another team.

5. Swimming is a sport that, in order to succeed, requires speed and endurance. Winners of short heats will show that speed is the most important factor, where two and four person relays prove that endurance will produce the winner.
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Olympic Gymnastics Includes Artistic, Rhythmic And Trampoline Events

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Artistic Gymnastics

There are several types of events during gymnastic competitions at the Olympics. The sport of gymnastics has been a part of the Olympic Games since 1896 with male participants. However, by 1928 women also began to participate in artistic gymnastic events such as floor style. Floor exercise gymnastics occur on a specialized large mat consisting of plywood covered with thick foam layers. During floor style competitions, a gymnast has background music playing while performing movements involving dancing, jumping and tumbling.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Currently, only women can participate in Olympic rhythmic competitions as an individual or in teams. Gymnasts also use devices such as ropes, ribbons, balls, hoops and clubs to provide an additional element to the competitions. Athletes combine elements of dance, gymnastics and ballet while manipulating the apparatus. There are strict guidelines concerning the number of devices used during a routine during both the individual and team competitions.

Trampoline Gymnastics

An additional type of Olympic gymnastic event is trampolining with complex routines using twists, somersaults and jumps. Competitions exist for male and female athletes as individual participants in this Olympic event. The gymnasts in this sport use a large rectangular trampoline surrounded by thick matting for safety.
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A Brief History Of Olympic Host Cities By Continent

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The Olympic Games are one of the highlights of the sporting calendar. Athletes spend years training in the hope of obtaining a gold medal. Many countries try to win the bid to host the Olympic Games for the economic benefit they bring to the host city. Several different areas have hosted the Olympic Games since their modern rebirth.

North America and Europe have hosted by far the most Summer and Winter Olympics. In North America, the United States has hosted the most contests. They have hosted four Summer Olympics and four Winter Olympics as well. Canada has hosted three Olympics and Mexico hosted the Summer Olympics in 1968.

Many European nations have hosted one or both of the Olympic games. France has had the opportunity to host three Winter Olympics and two Summer Olympics. The United Kingdom has has hosted three Summer Olympics including the most recent games held in London. Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia, Greece and Finland are just some of the other European nations that have hosted the games.

In South America, only the nation of Brazil has hosted the Olympics. Australia has hosted the games twice. In Asia, China, Japan and South Korea have held games. Africa is the only continent not to hold an Olympics.
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The Top Ten Olympic Sports Favored By Americans

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Americans follow Olympic Sports that televise well. Personalities, compelling stories, and fierce competition are the aspects viewers demand in the events they watch. The following are the top ten Olympic Events that Americans favor.

  • Soccer is on the cusp of becoming mainstream in the USA.

  • Ice hockey has a rabid faction of fans that place it on the list.

  • Tennis has the drama necessary for American interest.

  • Snowboarding brings in young viewers with its extreme nature.

  • Running relays feature teamwork with the always in contention USA team.

  • Swimming can thank Michael Phelps for being in the list.

  • 100 meter dash has the drag race atmosphere that fans appreciate.

  • Figure skating draws in the female audience with artistry on ice.

  • Basketball with the star power and always present gold medal draw in the crowds.

  • Women's gymnastics is the queen of all American Olympic sports with a new darling to root for each year.

Americans are inclined to watch events that can get their heart pumping. In a nation that loves underdogs, the adrenaline and drama of the aforementioned events place them in the top ten Olympic sports for Americans.

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Learn How Olympic Competitors Qualify For The Games

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Being selected for an Olympic team is an honor that anybody would enjoy. The road to the Olympic Games, however, is very difficult. While hundreds of athletes may try out for the team, only one of them may make it.

Potential athletes must successfully complete the following three steps to qualify for the Olympic Games:

International Olympic Committee Quotas

Because each section of the globe is limited by a quota set by the International Olympic Committee, athletes must compete on a domestic level to be accepted by the National team.

Normally, athletes with the highest scores or lowest times are selected to compete in the Olympic trials.I was looking for more information and found it here.

The National Olympic Committee

Once all pre-qualifying spots are filled on the domestic level, those athletes then compete against each other.

During this qualifying round, different sports implement different judging standards. Ultimately, the individuals and teams that perform the best will be invited to join the Olympic team.

Selection Committee

The last stage that athletes must pass is the selection committee.

This committee will review each athlete on a personal level to ensure they meet Olympic standards for competition. Once they have passed the review committee, they will be invited to join the Olympic team.
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Five Olympic Sports That Are Underrated By the Media

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Only a few Olympic sports get prime coverage by the media, which leaves most of the sports completely uncovered. While the Olympics are filled with great sports,, these are the five that are underrated by the Media. Water polo is an extremely entertaining sport that several great aspects of basketball and soccer in the water, but you will have a hard time finding in on television during the Olympics. Team handball is very similar to water polo except that the game is played on a court. Both sports may not be very traditional, but they are both filled with nonstop action.I found some more information here. Many people may be surprised that BMX racing is now an Olympic sport because there was virtually no coverage from the media. These high speed races only seem to get the credit they deserve during the X Games on ESPN. Table tennis may seem like a cheap bar game to most people, but it is an intense sporting event when played by the best in the world. You will be completely awed by the power and spin that each ball is hit with during an Olympic match. Bobsledding rose to prominence after the release of "Cool Runnings," but it has not gotten much media coverage since then. Bobsledding is one of the fastest and dangerous sports in the Olympics, and it is guaranteed to be loved by every sports fan.
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